Thursday, July 16, 2009

Building Better Robots Podcast No 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Building Better Robots podcast. This podcast is designed to supplement my 9th grade robotics class in which we are building and programming Super Cricket Robots with Legos and the Logo programming language. But even if you're not taking the class, you might get some good tips out of it. In this episode I'll be talking about how to get the most out of this podcast and I'll introduce some of the specific topics coming up.

Thanks to Flickr user Brandy Shaun for the Lego photo, Flickr user Steve Kay for the Optimus Prime photo, and the music is brought to you by Elysis Raudenbausch, Breakdown Easy, available on Wikimedia Commons.


Christine said...

Have you been able to subscribe to your podcast using JUICE?

Erik N. said...

I tried Juice, too, and it didn't find anything do download. Subscribing directly in iTunes works fine, though.

Christine said...

There are so many things I like about your podcast :) Here are a few:

+Good use of music and transitions
+Giving acknowledgment in your audio/images and blog to the artists of the photos and music you used.
+Explaining iTunes technology (many folks, not just kids, do not know how to enlarge a podcast they are watching in iTunes)
+Appropriate use of photos to help comprehension
+Excellent script
+You know your learners well >>Go TPACK!

Subscribed and looking forward to episode 2!

I bet your students would love to help pick out your next photos and music!