Monday, August 11, 2008

Snaparea command

I've been finding the MicroWorlds EX snaparea command really useful recently. It's come in handy when I've needed to turn some text into a graphic that can be used as a shape for turtles. In this project (here for web, here for download) I made for a kid to learn some counting skills I made a text box and moved it to the coordinates [0 0], typed in the number 1 and made it larger, then ran the command snaparea 1 [-5 5] [20 20] in the command center and there was my '1' graphic in the shapes panel. The first set of coordinates is the upper left corner of the graphic and the second set is the length across and down from there. I did the same for the other nine numbers but changed the number after the command so they'd be different shape numbers. After giving 10 different turtles these graphics as shapes and making each turtle reveal a number of other turtles when clicked, she could then click a nice big number to see how much it represents. I could have used buttons with numbers as the labels, but they would have been so small.

Another more involved project (download only) is one I made for a French teacher that allows her to import her own pictures and type sentences (on the teacher page) which then become graphics the students drag on to the pictures on a Smart Board. When the right sentence touches the picture they get a "Bravo!" Snaparea comes into play when the sentences on page6 are being copied to graphics used by the turtles on each page.

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