Saturday, August 9, 2008

Why a Logo blog?

I'm not a programmer by training. I've come into programming through teaching technology and my lifetime interest in making things. That could have led me to focus on teaching graphic design, video editing, or Flash animation, but when I started working seriously with computers about 7 years ago I needed to understand how they work. The need to see under the hood has made me eschew all GUIs when practical and learn to do things with code. I've learned to use HTML, JavaScript, PHP, a (very) little Java, Processing, AppleScript, DOS batch files, and VBScript, all out of needing to solve some problem or other. Logo has allowed me to communicate the use of computer languages for solving problems and understanding how things work to middle school children. It has also allowed me to become a programmer because it's more accessible than other languages and I'm not too mathematically or logically inclined. So I'm grateful to Logo and the people who made it and the people who continue to develop it. This blog is mostly about using Logo to solve problems and create new things.�

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